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Focusing-Oriented Therapy & Trauma- Informed Practice

Instructed by Amy Rasmussen Waluk B.A., A.C.C., F.O. and Anne Poonwassie, M.A.Ed., S.F.

General Program Information

The Focusing-Oriented Therapy and Trauma-Informed Practice Certificate Program is offered by CED-Prairie Region Centre for Focusing(PRCF) in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It is an advanced 540-hour program, consisting of classroom instruction with equal emphasis on knowledge and application, logged and supervised therapy sessions, debriefed observation of therapy practice, group projects, community development, and group facilitation of topics related to Focusing and other experiential therapies used in the treatment of complex trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress. The program is accredited by Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology (MITT)and internationally accredited by the Focusing Institute in New York.


What is Focusing-Oriented Therapy?

Focusing-Oriented Therapy (F.O.T.) is an evidence-based treatment approach allows individuals to safely manage the pace and the direction of their healing process. It is particularly helpful in the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress resulting from a traumatic event(s). It is a holistic approach that integrates the mind, body, spirit, and emotions in a gentle implicit way that reflects Indigenous imperatives with emphasis on non-interference, respect and empowerment.


Who Should Apply?

The program is intended for counselors, child and youth workers, family workers, and mental health workers who are interested in developing effective skills essential to working safely and effectively with recent, childhood, historical, or intergenerational trauma. Focusing-Oriented Therapy is particularly helpful to those who work with Residential School survivors, with alcohol/drug dependencies, and with survivors of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. The program is relevant to workers in Indigenous agencies and/or communities or in various other cross-cultural situations/settings

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